Bill Bolton  for        Marietta Mayor  
Bill Bolton  for        Marietta Mayor  
      Bill Bolton for Mayor of Marietta
          Cost Analysis of Projects
This paper is a follow-up of other presented issues. 

1) MARTA Rail and Light Sub Rail --

Somehow, the powers to be have the money to build a 4 lane expressway right next to the I-75 expressway, but the budget minded are not afforded the money to have a rail. 

To visually show the cost reduction of rail, compare the MARTA rail bridge over I-285 near Sandy Springs, before Ashford Dunwoody Rd., to that of any two lane car bridge.  It is relatively so small you probably do not know it exists. 

Furthermore, a trick exists with the obtaining  Federal dollars in that they require a 20 year analysis period, just short enough to not have to consider massive re-paving jobs and bridge repairs.  What about having a 50 year analysis?

2) High Rise Mixed Use Office Park --

For the Office and Mixed-use Center, zoning would be the best way to control growth.  Because of the natural desire to develop around a rail intersection, a TAD approach, which bleeds needed taxes away from the city in future years, would not be needed. 

3) Teenage Voluntary Detention --

Georgia and Federal spends a tremendous amounts of money on prisons, DFCS, YDC, and juvenile courts.  For example, Georgia spends at least $1,000,000,000 on prisons out of a general budget of approximately 15,000,000,000.   Furthermore, the horrors that the parents have to go through becomes lost income. 

Consequently, we should spend money on preventive procedures, which would be a relatively small amount.

Detention facilities might be homes in areas transitioning to businesses. 

4) Comments Welcomed --

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