Bill Bolton  for        Marietta Mayor  
Car-Truck Monopoly

The car-truck industry, which also includes the oil, tire, showroom, collision repair, mechanics, and many other industries, promote themselves through advertising and politics. 

Through the advertising, the car-truck industry intensely promotes the ideology that cars and trucks will provide freedom, strength and wealth, possibly leveraging on a buyer's desire to escape daily responsibilities. 

Through politics, the workers of the car-truck industry, being so numerous, can easily elect a politician who promises to build a road. 

From a definitions point of view, the car-truck industry is a special interest, and since it is a monopoly, it is actually a monopolistic interest.  If the members of the car-truck industry realized they were a monopoly and were purposely stopping other forms of  transportation, then their actions would be an indirect conspiracy,
meaning a legal conspiracy. 

The point here is that capitalism survives on choice, and we would be prudent to have choice in transportation instead of a monopoly.
Bill Bolton  for        Marietta Mayor