Bill Bolton  for        Marietta Mayor  
Renter Voluntary Inspection Program

by Bill Bolton

The Renter Voluntary Inspection Program, RVIP, is paid for by the city of Marietta to promote renters to keep their homes looking nice. 

It uses a contest approach to entice renters to participate.  Inspectors would judge the renters home, where the performance would be recorded for bankers or landlords to use.  For example, a banker, needing to decide on a loan for a renter, would access the information to know how a renter had maintained their rental property. 

Another aspect of RVIP is that landlords would benefit because there would be a stronger incentive for renters to maintain their rented home. 

The reason that Marietta, as compared to other areas such as Cobb unincorporated, should pay for such a service is that 62% of its residents are renters, requiring special effort to maintain a nice livable city.  Note, the payments are capped because RVIP is based on  contests. 

A renter can choose an inspection type, such as an inside inspection.  In any event the inspector, besides reviewing the renter's work, would also be looking at what the landlord might ought to be repairing.  However, the renter and landlord's contract may not provide conventional responsibilities to each other, for which the inspector could not make comments about the landlords responsibility. 
Bill Bolton  for        Marietta Mayor