Cobb Rail onto MARTA Light Subway --

MARTA rail is Atlanta's rail system
that goes directly to the airport.  We would first be building a rail hub near the Big Chicken away from the square, with a MARTA extension to Atlanta and a light subway going west past  Kennesaw mountain.  The light subway is a single track, single back-and-forth, high-speed, train that can be just below the surface of the center lane or median of roads, be tunneled or be elevated.
Bill Bolton  for        Marietta Mayor
  Supporting the
New Cobb Rail  
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New Cobb Rail - A new rail, and new opprotunities for Cobb County.

  • A rail that runs south from the Big Chicken and runs into
the Marta system.

  • New Cobb Rail would have two different train classes, the
first would have normal stops that coincide with the Marta
schedule, the second would be a more expensive, one way
train directly to Heartsfield Airport.

  • It would bring construction jobs to the community.

  • It would have much less impact on the tax payer with the
project eligible for stimulus funding.

  • New Cobb Rail would also decrease the amount of pollution
excreted by our community.